Health & Wellbeing at Work Exhibition – NEC – March, 2012

Creating more awareness about the benefits of modern colonic irrigation

The ARCH Stand


This is our Stand at The Health & Wellbeing at Work Exhibition at the NEC in March of 2012.  We had a large monitor showing a demonstration of a gravity fed colonic hydrotherapy treatment.  It generated a lot of interest, and we had many people asking questions about colon hydrotherapy: what it was, where did it come from, how can it help me, is it safe, why isn’t it available on the NHS etc

Discussing the merits of colonic hydrotherapy treatment


It was an opportunity for me to right some wrongs about colon hydrotherapy and dispel some myths about its safety, and educate on some of the conditions that can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy.

Organising these Conferences can be time-consuming and difficult, when running a busy Clinic too, but I enjoy it, and while ever I still enjoy it, I will continue to do it for the advancement of the therapy, and making it more of a mainstream therapy, and less of a marginalised one.



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