Colonic Irrigation Testimonial

Linda knows her stuff!

A big thank you to Helen for ‘putting pen to paper’, and writing this testimonial.  I hope it will encourage more people, who suffer with debilitating gastro-intestinal problems, particularly Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to ‘take the plunge’, and consider having colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Remember that coming to see a naturopathic colonic hydrotherapist, it’s not just about having your bowels cleansed with the actual colonic procedure, it’s also the advice, knowledge and support given by your therapist.

I haven’t written a testimonial before, but feel compelled to do so as I am so thrilled with my experience with Linda.

I recently returned from a trip to India with ‘Delhi Belly’ and, after having had a few colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) when I lived in Australia, thought a treatment may help. I found Linda online and can honestly say I have never experienced such care, support and professionalism.

Linda really knows her stuff and goes above and beyond. She has a genuine desire to help you be in the best health possible by sharing her vast array of knowledge and expertise.

Since starting regular Colon Hydrotherapy, my overall health has improved. Knowing that they can help so many illnesses and conditions (such as IBS, headaches, skin problems, low energy/lethargy), I always recommend them to friends and family. Usually, they ask if it is painful and embarrassing – but it’s actually quite the opposite. I found Linda gentle, understanding and compassionate. I felt relaxed and at ease with the procedure, as she explained everything as she went along.

If you’re thinking of trying Colon Hydrotherapy I highly recommend Linda – you couldn’t be in safer, kinder and more knowledgeable hands.

I felt lighter, brighter and glowing with health after my visit and I’m definitely putting Linda on my list of regular therapists!

Helen C Green – July 10th 2013

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