Physiotherapy in Nottingham

The Benefits of seeing a Private Physiotherapist

At our Nottingham physiotherapy clinic, we see a wide variety of clients, from youngsters who have suffered sporting injuries through to older people who are in some discomfort, often from rheumatism or arthritis and other problems that are common as we get older.

Although physio care is available on the NHS, the treatments available are often limited which is why many people opt to use a private physiotherapist as the treatments that are provided are more wide ranging and therefore can be geared specifically towards each individual case.

Although our clinic is based on Plains Road in Mapperley, we also see many patients from areas such as Arnold,  Carlton and across the whole of Nottingham and wider into the surrounding towns and villages of Nottinghamshire.

Kevin Booth – Private Physiotherapist

Kevin is a well established physiotherapist with 20 years of experience in treating all sorts of problems such as slipped discs along with any number of sprains and strains. Due to the fact that he is a private physiotherapist rather than working for the NHS, he is able to to be more flexible, allowing more time to be spent with each patient according to their needs rather than a timetable. He is also able to arrange appointment at times that are more convenient to the patient.

A skilled pair of hands can detect imbalances in muscle tissue and joints. A skilled pair of hands can detect poor circulation and a build up of 'toxicity' in tissues.

A skilled pair of hands can detect imbalances in muscle tissue and joints. A skilled pair of hands can detect poor circulation and a build up of ‘toxicity’ in tissues.



As a private physiotherapist, Kevin is able to offer more than just simple exercise therapy and each treatment plan will be based after a consultation has been held with the patient to determine the scope of their needs.

These treatment plans are likely to include a combination of treatments in order to get the best outcome possible for the patient. As well as exercise therapy, Kevin also offers deep tissue massage, osteopathic manipulations, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound and electrotherapy.

By ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual and not just a number, Kevin Booth is proud of his record of success and many people in Nottingham who have struggled with aches and pains for many years have been delighted with his services and have often recommended them to others.

In fact, whilst physio is largely aimed at a long term cure or management of painful joints and muscles, many visitors have noted some immediate relief following their treatment. Whilst we can’t guarantee that this will be the case in all situations, the possibility of some immediate relief is very real.

Improving Performances

Whilst many people come to Kevin with complaints such as rheumatism and arthritis, many younger people have also benefitted from his services with sportsmen and women being regular visitors to our Mapperley Plains clinic. Sports physiotherapy, as well as helping soreness and injuries can have a very positive effect on results and achievements in the field, something that most sports people are very keen of indeed.

So, if you live in Arnold, Mapperley or any area of Nottingham and are suffering from muscular or joints aches and pains that your doctor simply can’t seem to rid you of, why not contact Kevin Booth and arrange a consultation to see what he can do for you.

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