The Future of Food

Viva Mayr Medical Director, Dr. Harald Stossier and ‘The Future of Food’ Workshop

I’m a very excited girl. I received an email yesterday inviting me to attend a Workshop on the 4th October, at Testbed No. 1 in Battersea, London.  The Workshop, ‘The Future of Food’  is a special nutrition and healing one day event, and agricultural scientist Richard Harding is the brain behind the event.

I was delighted to accept the invitation, not least because Dr. Harald Stossier, one of my mentors, and the Medical Director of  the World famous Viva Mayr Clinic for Modern Medicine, in Klagenfurt, Austria, will be attending, and giving a healing workshop.  I have completed three internships with Dr. Stossier at Viva, and learned so much, not just about health and wellness, but about the importance the gut has in relation to the health of the whole ‘organism’.

Dr. Stossier will be talking about the philosophy of Modern Mayr Medicine, and the sometimes dramatic, but very successful, medical detoxification programs at Viva Mayr in Austria. The Workshop will focus on food intolerances, applied kinesiology and orthomolecular medicine, followed by a 4-course dinner in the evening, Viva inspired I’m sure.

His healing workshop is only for 2 short hours, but I will relish every single minute!

I’ll be sure to blog about this day, and let you all know the health and nutrition ‘pearls of wisdom’ shared by Dr. Stossier.

Linda Booth

IBS, Digestive Health & Gut Disorders Clinic

Nottingham Health & Wellbeing Clinic  Plains View Surgery, Mapperley, Nottingham.

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