Say Goodbye to Constipation

Speedy Bowel Formula (ICF No 2’s)

Those patients who attend our clinic for colonic irrigation treatment because they suffer with a ‘lazy’ bowel or constipation, will already be very familiar with our Speedy Bowel Formula. For decades now the nutritional medicine, naturopathic, herbal medicine and natural therapy community have known about these highly effective small brown capsules, previously known as Intestinal Corrective Formula No 2.

The Formula is not to be confused with many inferior copies. Our formula is the original bowel cleansing/bowel disinfecting formula, and we can credit that very well known American Naturopathic Doctor, Dr John Christopher with this very special blend of herbs.

The Practitioners at our Clinic, including the Nutritional Therapist, the Medical Herbalist and the Naturopath regularly recommend these capsules to people who have ‘lazy’ bowels. Our health shop, Nottingham Health Shop, sells hundreds of thousands of these capsules, and they are posted to all four corners of the earth.

The herbs in the capsules have been used for generations to aid bowel movements, by increasing peristalsis. They do this by encouraging the bowel to contract and relax, helping to push wastes along and out. They increase circulation to the intestines, heal and strengthen them, and also have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.

They contain senna leaf, senna pod, cascara sagrada, cape aloe, ginger, garlic and african bird pepper. Speedy Bowel Formula is a strong, stimulating bowel tonic and is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women, or for those with colitis, crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, or ulcers.

Over the years many people have found these capsules an absolute godsend, where nothing else has worked for them. They literally change peoples lives. If you haven’t experienced chronic constipation and chronic idiopathic constipation, then it’s extremely unpleasant. Not only does it make you feel fat and sluggish, but you feel as though you’re being poisoned because you’re not able to get rid of your wastes. This can affect your skin, your mood, and can give you headaches too.

Speedy Bowel Formula is also very useful for bloating, especially if the bloating is as a result of  constipation, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, where the pre-dominant symptom is constipation.  The clinicians at the Nottingham Health & Wellbeing Clinic would also recommend a probiotic that contains specific strains of bacteria to help alleviate constipation. Certain bifidi strains have been proven to help improve transit time in the bowel. Ecodophilus by BioNutri is one of the most popular probiotics, and is available from Nottingham Health Shop, together with Optibac’s  ‘For A Flat Stomach’.  Check out the Digestive Health Category page at

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