The first and most important rule of cleansing and detoxification is BOWEL FIRST.

I will explain why:

The whole purpose of doing any cleansing program is to remove accumulated mucous, plaque, toxins, poisons, waste and unwanted debris from your body. How does this waste get in you? Well, that's quite simple. Every organ in your body, and every single cell in that organ is a little metabolic engine. To achieve its purpose, it runs on fuel, which is some kind of nutrition, and as it does its job and works hard, it makes waste and eliminates it. This is true for every brain cell, your lungs, your heart, your liver, your nerves and literally every cell in your body.

Your body is almost the same as your car engine, in that it burns fuel (petrol/diesel) and eliminates waste (exhaust emissions). You car even develops waste and sludge internally and that is why you need periodic oil and filter changes, radiator flushes, transmission fluid and filter changes etc. Your body develops waste and sludge internally too.

Under normal conditions, your body is a very efficient waste removal machine, but life in this world today is far from normal. We have swung the pendulum way too far to the unnatural, decadent and extreme side. Fast foods, processed foods, junk foods, animal foods, milk and eggs with their lack of fibre and toxic chemical residues, fish with its heavy metal pollution and mercury, sweets, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, lack of exercise and unheard of levels of stress, I don't think I have to go on.

When you start any cleansing and detoxification routine, the built-up waste material that you are loosening up and flushing out, whether it is from your fat, blood, lymph, liver, whatever, the main way your body will get rid of this sludge is by dumping it into the bowel! Your bowel is your body's main sewer pipe and this is how the vast majority of all detoxification waste your body eliminates will get out of you.

Most British people do not have a bowel that works frequently enough or efficiently enough, or both. If your bowel is like most people, then it is sluggish and it is having a hard enough time just doing its daily task. If you begin any detox program without first making sure that your bowel is working at peak efficiency and effectiveness, your detox program will dump all of this additional toxic waste into an already backed-up, overloaded, limping and sluggish sewer system. Nothing will make you feel worse than this and it can get worse. If your bowel is eliminating slow enough, you will now start to reabsorb some of this toxic sludge that you are cleansing out of your body that is being deposited in your bowel. Some of this waste may have taken years to accumulate and now you could be re-absorbing concentrated amounts of it back into your body in minutes. This can make you feel really sick. Talk about achieving the opposite results that you wanted.

This is simply why the bowel ALWAYS needs to be your FIRST detox. You have to clean out, strengthen and get your bowel working efficiently BEFORE you do any other type of cleansing, detoxification, fasting or flushing program. If you follow this rule, your detoxification and cleansing will always be fun, extremely effective and you will feel great.

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