It can be difficult to give the definite number of colonic treatments required. Much depends on a person's age, constitution, lifestyle and dietary habits, medications they have been prescribed, and medical history. However, I do insist that people attend for at least one follow-up treatment, after their consultation and initial colon hydrotherapy treatment, so two treatments in total. The second treatment is to enable me to ensure that the problem has been rectified, and to give on-going advice to maintain a healthy digestive system/bowel, to prevent the problem/s re-occurring. Sometimes, particularly with the chronically constipated, a third or even a fourth treatment is required, but this is a rarity.

My aim is to get the bowel problem sorted out as quickly as possible. I give out lots of advice/information on bowel health/hygiene, to enable people take the responsibility of the on-going health of their bowel with, perhaps, a maintenance colonic every 3, 4 or even 6 months.

Sometimes I may prescribe supplements, usually my own range of probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbs to help normalise the function of the bowel. These will be charged separately at the appointment, but to give you an idea of the approximate costs, probiotics £20 for 60 capsules, digestive enzymes £20 for 60 capsules and herbal capsules to help normalise bowel function £20 for 100 capsules.  For more information on probiotics and supplements: 

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