Katherine Bellchambers

Nottingham Medical Herbalist - Katherine Bellchambers

Katherine trained for five years at the College of Phytotherapy and then at University of East London where she gained a BSc in Herbal Medicine. She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists the world’s oldest and largest professional association serving the Herbal Medicine profession.

She has a particular interest in digestive health and quality food. She also works with people suffering from conditions as diverse as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune conditions, exhaustion, stress and fertility problems.

As well as making her own medicines, Katherine keeps bees and chickens in her urban small holding.  She writes about natural health and beauty for a number of websites and publications and also blogs on herbal medicine and urban small holdings.

Contact Katherine on: 07786 441574

Herbal Medicine - consultations 90 mins

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GAPS Consultation for a first 1.5 hr consultation, including15 min phone follow up and report

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