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Why is it when I wake up in the morning, my tummy is nice and flat, but by mid-day it's ballooned and feels very uncomfortable?


If you have suddenly developed painful bloating, this needs to be checked by a GP.  However, if this symptom is something that you've had for quite some time it can be indicative of an imbalance in your gut bacteria, creating excess gas and stretching and expanding your intestines.  It's an extremely common symptom and shared by millions of people in the UK.  If you've had a course of antibiotics or you've had a gut infection, or your diet is high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, I would strongly recommend that you take a course of live 'friendly' bacteria that contains strains of lactobacilli bacteria and strains of bifidi bacteria. Take one capsule twice daily before meals to help re-populate your gut with billions of beneficial bacteria.  You should find that the bloating will begin to subside. Check out Just For Tummies Live 'friendly' Bacteria capsules here: 



I've just had a course of antibiotics after a chest infection. The antibiotics have cleared the infection, but have given me diarrhoea. Is this normal?


It can be normal to have diarrhoea after a course of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are wonderful medicines but they do reduce the numbers of good bacteria in the intestines, as well as killing off the bacteria that causes the nasty infections, and this can cause a change in your bowel action.  Take a multi-strain probiotic for a couple of months to re-populate and re-colonise your intestines with 'friendly' strains of bacteria.  Just take one a day after a meal.  A brand that we recommend a lot in our Clinic is Ecodophilus by BioNutri.  You can get these from the Natural Dispensary on 01453 757792. They come in packs of 30 and 60. If you still have problems, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.


I am plagued with sore throats throughout the Winter. Are there any natural remedies that can help?


Yes, the well respected Swiss Company BioForce make an excellent throat spray that contains Echinacea and Sage. It's convenient to use as it has a handy spray nozzle, designed to deliver the spray to the most irritated parts at the back of the throat. Sold by all major health shops at around £8.99.


I've been told by my GP that I have Restless Leg Syndrome. My legs ache, especially when I'm in bed. I don't like taking drugs. Can you recommend something else?


This can be a distressing condition for people. Sometimes the symptoms are only mild, but often can be debilitating because the itching, tickling, jerking sensations can keep people awake at night, leaving them exhausted during the day.  A good night's sleep is critically important to help maintain good health.  Simple changes in lifestyle may help such as cutting out smoking, alcohol and caffeine. A well-balanced diet, containing foods high in anti-oxidants are also important. Sometimes exercises can help as it's important to keep fresh blood flowing through the blood vessels keeping the muscles healthy.  However, if there is a deficiency in magnesium, this can contribute to the restless legs. Ensure your diet has fish, dark green leafy veg, nuts, fruits oats, brown rice and dairy in it. Try massaging your leg muscles, or get someone else to do it for you.  Use stimulating aromatherapy oils like rosemary, eucalyptus and camphor.  Contact your local Health Food Store, who may be able to help you with a particular blend of oil, or perhaps treat yourself to a Sports Massage.


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