The aims of Colon Hydrotherapy are to cleanse the colon, stimulate peristalsis, (contraction and relaxation of the colon) re-shape it and stimulate reflex points.

An experienced, highly trained and skilled colonic hydrotherapist is able to assess the general health of the intestines, locating areas of inflammation, spasticity and dysfunction.  Linda uses specific abdominal palpation methods to establish function/dysfunction within the intestines. She will then use massage techniques, during the colonic hydrotherapy treatment, to bring blood, oxygen and nutrients to the intestines, helping to break down contractions and improve function.

Regular Colon Hydrotherapy treatments over the longer term may lead to improvements in liver and kidney function, better digestion, and strengthening of the Immune System. Colon Hydrotherapy is particularly effective when used in conjunction with other natural therapies, such as nutrition and herbalism. Clients report feeling younger, fitter and healthier, having a new zest for life, helping them to go forward and enjoy each day and deal with the many problems that life presents them with. However, there is so much more to colon hydrotherapy, as explained in the following article 'Modern Naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapy', written by my friend and colleague, Roger Groos.

Modern Naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapy

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