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Dear Linda

Hi Linda!! So pleased that your new site (Tummy Talk facebook community) is so successful. Read all the info and follow links which are all very helpful! Am so much better since seeing you and starting probiotics. You gave me my life back!!

Can't explain how hopeless and fed up I was with constant bloating pain and nausea. Get occasional minor episodes but settles with increase of probiotics. All the best to you and yours and all the folks who contribute to the web site over the Festive season!

Valerie White December 2016

Dear Linda

Just to say yet another heartfelt 'thank you' for your excellent service.

It is now well over two years since I first came to you for colonic hydrotherapy. I had been having colonics for nearly six years prior to this and had always found them beneficial but not sustainably so. However, since I started seeing you, the combination of regular treatment for my very lazy bowel and the daily use of the capsules you recommended have made it possible for me to have regular, daily bowel movements. Speaking as someone who previously was only able to perform this simple activity once a fortnight, this is a stunning and major improvement. I'd lived for well over 50 years will constipation and thought that, other than for a short while after colonics with my previous therapist, this was to be my lot.

Each and every visit to your clinic is a real pleasure - a bonus. The therapy is relaxing and the helpful advice you dispense as a matter of course through the sessions has been and is always very beneficial. The clinic enjoys a lovely, warm inviting atmosphere and there are some great, and often amusing, cards, leaflets and posters to read for those all–important sitting times! You make the clinic and the experience the opposite of clinical.

A further benefit of the combination of colonics and the capsules for me has been that, unlike with my previous therapist where I needed to have sessions every two months at least, with your regime I can have just three colonics a year which is fantastic! I feel so much better too. I am never tired these days and really feel the best I have at any other time of my life. I do take care of myself generally but, in no small way, I attribute these improvements to your help.

I've happily introduced a number of family members and friends and I know that they too have been very delighted with the service you offer. Long may this continue!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, for me, it's been life changing. Again thank you.

Margaret D

Marathon Runner’s Story (and yes it was trapped wind in her intestines, expanding them, and causing referred pain)

Hi Linda

I promised I would let you know how I am getting on post colonic which I had last Wednesday (in relation to the pain in my left groin and around the anal area especially after exercise).

Well I hardly dare actually say this but I think it is gone! I haven't, to be fair, done any exercise until today since before the colonic, but I had noticed that the pain on getting up after sitting isn't there anymore, and I could actually do short sharp bursts of running playing with the dog that quite frankly even if I hadn't done exercise before I would have not been able to just do, I would have had to have eased myself in to it!

Because I hadn't done any exercise I didn't want to get my hopes up too much though. Anyway, I have just done a 10 mile run and apart from some sciatica on my left side I don't have any pain around the groin, and neither around the anal area (which I think is the pudendal nerve?). The whole way around the run I was checking in with my body and at about 6 miles I thought I started to maybe feel a twinge but it never came to anything and then went!

I can’t actually believe it still and am still convinced if I talk too much about it, it will come back. I have had this now for nearly a year so it has kind of become an expectation that when I have to move after sitting down or being still for a while, once I move I will get pain which eases off but never totally goes away. I am absolutely over the moon. So thank you!

So what do you think was the issue? Trapped wind, and was whatever it was dangerous? Am thinking along the lines of strangulation of the bowel? And is it likely to return, and how would I prevent it returning between colonic sessions?

Best wishes

Alexa :-)

Received from Alex Laurie – November, 2014

Dear Linda

Please forgive my rudeness in not getting back to you with an update on my IBS !

Linda , you have given me my life back !!!!

I can't believe how well I feel !!

My stomach is flat , my bowels are settled; all the pain, colic and bloating has gone.

The most amazing thing is I have soooooo much more energy and sleep better waking feeling as if I have had a good sleep !!!

Getting on well with the probiotics as per your advice.

Have given up red meat and don't miss it ! Experimenting with more veggie recipes and really getting into it !!

Thankyou so much !!

Val Rule

March, 2014

I have been a client of Lindas for a number of years, and have a regular three monthly colon hydrotherapy treatments. Since seeing Linda I have benefitted from excellent health. Not only does Linda provide an excellent treatment, but she has over the years been a confidante and a source of invaluable advice regarding my intestinal health. She offers recommendations of relevant supplements to take, nutritional advice and lifestyle choices to make. I love Linda’s professional insights and advice and see a treatment with her as a holistic consultation, and a significant part of my health and well being programme. As a 49 year old woman I have never been in better health, and as a result, this year I am undertaking a series of personal physical and mental challenges including a half marathon and a trek along the Great Wall of China.

I thank you Linda for the significant contribution you make to my physical well being.

Mrs. Amanda Carter

March, 2014

Dear Linda,

It is a week now since my first treatment with you and although I know we will be able to talk about everything at my follow up appointment in November, I just had to get in touch before then to let you know what a brilliant week it has been, thanks to you!

I can't actually believe how successful the Hydrotherapy  has been for me in such a short time and what a difference it has made.  After so many years of constipation and the horrible effects of it, I never imagined I could feel so healthy - I have had a bowel movement every day except Sunday (no gripes at all!) which in itself is an absolute revelation to me as I seriously can't remember the last time that happened without the use of a laxative!  Something that most people take for granted I know but until last week, I had almost given up on it completely.  I am keeping a diary of everything, which probably sounds a bit sad but is helping me to see if there are foods that affect me adversely and will also help me to give you feedback next time I see you.  I am finding your advice sheet very easy to follow and the results have had such a positive effect on me that any changes I have made have been no hardship at all.  I am really enjoying the linseeds and they are so easy to take in fruit juice or on cereal, yogurt or soups - thank you for recommending them to me.

Something else I am so pleased about is that the skin around my eyes is no longer dark - my eyelids particularly have returned to normal which naturally makes me look much less tired and several people who don't even know I've had the treatment have commented on this and have said how well I look.  I can see now that I was actually feeling much more unwell than I realised - after so long, I guess I just got used to that feeling and now I just have so much more energy.

I really can't thank you enough Linda - in the space of a week you have completely changed the quality of my life and I am just so happy that I have found you and your wonderful treatment.  Your clinic is such a lovely calming environment and you are so kind and professional - I am really looking forward to my next visit.

Take care and see you soon
Best wishes

Mrs. Susan Stairs (Nottingham) Oct 2013

I started seeing Linda in 2008 and would not consider going anywhere else to have this done. She prides herself on knowledge and her passion for what she does shines through every time we meet.

I am a very private person with high standards. I have complete confidence in Linda’s ability, skill and the service that she offers. The knowledge that Linda has is incredible. She is always learning and ensuring that she has the most up to date and beneficial equipment and knowledge to ensure the best treatment possible. I have been for these treatments at other clinics and the gravity closed system that she uses is definitely the one I prefer and I would recommend this system to anyone considering which treatment to use. Linda also uses herbal implants to increase the benefits of the colonic treatment which I find enhance the colonic, its all her extra touches(that work) that ensure me that I am in the best place for this treatment.

I am also extremely particular when it comes to hygiene and the treatment room is always immaculately clean which is essential to me.

I thoroughly enjoy having this done, I leave feeling clean, any bloating has subsided and my tummy is flat again. I would recommend that anyone considering this treatments visits Linda once and I am sure that they too will become repeat customers as I have.

Tracey Carrington Aug 2013

I haven’t written a testimonial before, but feel compelled to do so as I am so thrilled with my experience with Linda.

I recently returned from a trip to India with 'Delhi Belly' and, after having had a few colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) when I lived in Australia, thought a treatment may help. I found Linda online and can honestly say I have never experienced such care, support and professionalism.

Linda really knows her stuff and goes above and beyond. She has a genuine desire to help you be in the best health possible by sharing her vast array of knowledge and expertise.

Since starting regular Colon Hydrotherapy, my overall health has improved. Knowing that they can help so many illnesses and conditions (such as IBS, headaches, skin problems, low energy/lethargy), I always recommend them to friends and family. Usually, they ask if it is painful and embarrassing – but it’s actually quite the opposite. I found Linda gentle, understanding and compassionate. I felt relaxed and at ease with the procedure, as she explained everything as she went along.

If you’re thinking of trying Colon Hydrotherapy I highly recommend Linda – you couldn’t be in safer, kinder and more knowledgeable hands.

I felt lighter, brighter and glowing with health after my visit and I’m definitely putting Linda on my list of regular therapists!

Helen C Green - July 10th 2013

I have had regular colonics for nearly 20 years and have been seeing Linda for colon hydrotherapy for over 7 years. During these 20 years, I have had colonics with many different practitioners from all across the country. From this experience I can easily say that Linda stands out as the best. So many of the other practitioners I have seen have failed to get a 'result'. But not Linda, she is the expert.

Linda is outstanding in her field for a number of reasons;

  • her technique (to put it bluntly, that stool has to come out and Linda gets it out)
  • her in depth knowledge of the bowel, digestion and their associated health conditions
  • her attention to her patient, her understanding of their condition and her genuine desire to help
  • her professionalism

Linda uses the gravity fed system rather than a machine and I can tell you that this set-up is far superior to the machines that so many therapists use now. Gravity gives a much better result and this combined with Linda's technique is what makes it work so well. The set-up of Linda's equipment ensures that there is no odour nor any embarrassment. It is a closed loop system where the waste is never in the open at any time. Hygiene is of paramount importance to Linda and her clinic is absolutely pristine.

On a personal level, Linda is kind and warm and instantly puts you at ease.

After a colonic with Linda all my bloating and discomfort in my abdomen goes and I feel very relaxed. I can see the difference getting rid of all the toxins makes the next morning as my skin is very clear and the under-eye area is much less dark in colour.

I believe that having a colonic is the best thing you can do for your health. All the toxins are flushed away and this is such a relief for all of your bodily systems. The colonics also sort of 'reset' my bowel, my movements are much better and more regular after a colonic.

I can understand the trepidation of someone considering a colonic for the first time. I was shaking with nerves before my first one! Let me just say that Linda is the best choice and she will put you at ease. There is really nothing to fear and the procedure does not hurt. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Louise B., Yorkshire

I have known many Professional Practitioners within the holistic/healing/complementary health environment. I can hand on heart say that Linda Booth sits at the top of this list.

She is professional and full of sensitivity and integrity, and passionate about her work, and you know that the minute you are with her and having your treatment.

Helen S. Derbyshire. - May, 2013


Dear Linda,

Apologies for being slow to reply, I've been very busy again since getting back to London. It's all very good news on the digestive front, and I'm so happy with the effects of the treatment and the diet changes I'm making.

For the first couple of nights after treatment I was a bit colicky and gassy, but over the last fortnight things have settled and (apart from when it was my time of the month) my bowel function seems to be getting more and more normal. It's now often so good that I don't suffer the other gynae/bowel retention problem, which just makes me feel so optimistic and normal again.

I have eliminated caffeine apart from one cup of tea in the afternoon, and cut out alcohol from Monday to Thursday inclusive. I'm also drinking close to 2 litres of water a day, and sticking to plainer whole-food vegetarian food in the week with only tiny amounts of dairy such as feta cheese, and limited wheat. Definitely no processed food with additives. If I overdo the treats at the weekend then I plan to revert temporarily to the strict regime recommended on your website when preparing for hydrotherapy, but generally I'm planning to just be moderate and listen to my body!

The Ecodophilus probiotics and Polyzyme Forte digestive enzymes are great, and I will definitely continue with those. Finally, I am continuing with my rediscovered yoga practice which really helps and I am committed to looking for other ways to permanently reduce stress in my life, although that probably involves learning to say no to seemingly attractive work projects, as well as to demands from children and husband! One step at a time...

So all in all, definitely a success and I'm so grateful for your expertise and kindness in fitting me in specially. I will keep you posted, but I definitely would like to make the colon cleansing a regular therapy. Some people seem to do it once in each of the four seasons, and I wonder what you would recommend for me for the timing of a follow-up appointment?

With warmest wishes,

Mrs. F.A. London

I started seeing Linda in when I felt enough was enough. I had terrible bowels after years of suffering with Coeliac Disease and what my Doctor diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The knock on effects of stress, anxiety and everyday pressures and strains made it almost impossible to cope with my body. No day was ever the same or in the slightest bit predictable and I wasn't sure how much longer I could cope with living like that. I'd heard a little bit about Colonics but it was a thought I felt uncomfortable with, probably because not only did I not know much about it but I became very sensitive and embarrassed by "that" part of me.

After spending some time researching I happened across Linda's website and I spent a good length of time reading literally everything on there. It gave me a lot of answers and I really liked the information and detailed description of Colon Hydrotherapy and it's potential benefits. My instinct at that point told me to pick up the phone and book an appointment with Linda, she was the person I needed to see and fast! Sure enough I got an appointment to see her that same week and upon arriving at the clinic she put me completely at ease with her warmth, understanding, friendliness and thorough consultation. Linda's clinic is immaculate, clean, inviting and very private as everything is kept in one room. I had my first treatment that day. The feelings and sensations were a little strange to start with but I soon started to relax as the treatment progressed. It is in no way painful or uncomfortable, in fact I would go as far as saying it is somewhat soothing, like a gentle internal massage. From your initial consultation and treatment Linda will work with you to gauge how often you should receive treatment to fully detoxify your colon. I took me only two treatments on consecutive months to clear the waste and toxins from my body and after the second treatment I can not begin to describe fully how I felt. I felt clean, enlightened, restored, energized, brighter and pretty much ready to take on the world! Even after the first treatment my complexion improved, the dark circles under my eyes vanished and good riddance to painful bloating, uncomfortable water retention and sluggish bowels. I was amazed by the results and Colon Hydrotherapy became a much welcome part of my life with frequent treatments every three to four months.

It is crystal clear to me that Linda lives and breathes her work, it is not a job, it is very much a way of life. The satisfaction of helping people relieve their discomforts and ailments resonates from Linda. She always goes above and beyond Colon Hydrotherapy to ensure her clients lead, as far as possible, a happy and healthy existence. Linda is always available via phone or email at any time to offer guidance, advice and to answer any query. I certainly do not hesitate to get in touch with her when I need to and I am consistently given an efficient response. Linda has recommended a number of products to assist with my health over the years, two of which I use every day and one I use when necessary, to help maintain my intestinal balance, improve my digestion and to give my body a boost. All have worked wonders to heal the years of neglect and damage and I will never look back!

In December 2011 I badly broke my fifth metatarsal in my left foot and I was bed bound and on crutches for three months. Eventually I was given an air boot that enabled me to walk without crutches and slowly my broken bone began to heal. Two months later I was able to walk in trainers again. It was an incredibly debilitating time for me. I was quick to contact Linda to arrange my next session with her as I'd gone so long without treatment that I was suffering quite badly as a result of my injury and stresses that came along with it. During the conversation I mentioned my accident and Linda was shocked that I had not told her about it when it had happened as she knew she would have been able to help me heal more quickly. I felt surprised at myself for not seeking her advice and help! Linda immediately recommended a product that would make the rest of the journey to full recovery more bearable and to aid re-mineralisation of my body. Linda is not just a Colon Hyrdotherapist, she is a Naturopath and a healer. She will without doubt guide and help with any issue or condition you may have or indeed develop.

In June 2012 I began the grueling process of moving to the United States. One of my first thoughts was “who am I going to see and where am I going to go for my Colon Hydrotherapy”. I did a little research and discovered that there are two methods for this in the States. One of which is called the “open” method, which basically means you are left to your own devices on a glorified toilet. This option was definitely not for me so I sought out a clinic that offered the “closed” method, which is similar to what Linda uses, however in my opinion the techniques and equipment are not as advanced. My first treatment was not the best experience. It was very impersonal and the therapist relied heavily on me rather than using her own judgment. I felt cheated out of my money and gained no benefit or sense of wellbeing that I have come to love and expect from Linda. Needless to say I gave the States the benefit of the doubt and searched out another clinic and gave that one a try. Once again I left feeling very disappointed. I then vowed to myself that I wouldn’t even bother trying Colon Hydrotherapy in the States, I would wait until I visited Nottingham. Although this may only be once or twice per year I know that all the good work and recommendations that Linda has given me over the years will allow me to maintain a healthy body that functions as well as possible until I have the pleasure of seeing Linda again.

Linda is truly second to none. She has worked wonders for my mind and body. Linda has helped change my life, my outlook on life and my wellbeing. She has helped bring the confidence and glow out of me, which is something I once never thought possible. I can not thank her enough. So be brave, push your boundaries, don’t believe the critics, just try it out for yourself and be assured that you won’t be disappointed!

Sylvia Harrison
January, 2013

I have been seeing Linda since 2012, after she was recommended to me by friends. I am female, aged 33 and have quite a stressful job in accounts.

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with suspected Behcets' Disease and under the care of a Nottingham hospital. Since several attempts to get my symptoms under control with numerous medications failed, I spoke to my consultant about holistic and natural health remedies instead. My consultant was very supportive of this idea and I found a natural health therapist who helped me enormously and it was while I was on this mission to rid myself of the symptoms this disease that I decided to visit Linda.

I started off with two colonics just weeks between each other and then went to one every three months and the difference has been amazing!I am a firm believer in the importance of a healthy gut as had been previously informed that if your gut health is out of balance your body can suffer from all sorts of symptoms and flare ups.

Since using pre and probiotics to help protect my colon/bowel I have noticed a massive difference in my symptoms and I am sooooo pleased! A couple of years ago I was in a horrible place, I was on Steroids and other medications which weren't working and had horrendous symptoms as a result but since looking at my gut health I cannot believe the difference.

I really think that is was, in fact, my low levels, or barely non-existent, friendly bacteria which was causing my poor immune health.

Since I have been visiting Linda I feel so much better! She is brilliant at her job, explaining the procedure and the benefits, makes you feel very relaxed and at ease and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and the colonic hydrotherapy treatment to others - I have already recommended Linda to other friends!

I want to thank you Linda for all your help.

Miss E.D.
January 2013

I just wanted to say that I'm so pleased that I came to you for hydrotherapy. I've felt loads better since- tummy much flatter and not at all tender as it was before. Its inspired me to eat more healthily and I've lost a little weight since I came to you. I'm really happy about it, so thank you! Miss C.S.

For the first time in 11 years, I have a flat stomach! Rachel

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