Constipation – natural herbal laxative


Natural herbal relief for constipated, ‘lazy’ and sluggish bowels:

Herbs in today’s world are being used in various ways to help improve the human health condition and while most prefer choosing trusted products from sites like to ease their body pain and relief stress there are other herbs as well which help in various other ways. The herbs in these small brown capsules have been used for generations to aid bowel movements. They do this by:

  • encouraging the bowel to contract and relax, and
  • helping to push wastes along and out
  • reducing constipation, bloating and pain

The capsules contain senna leaf, senna pod, cascara sagrada, cape aloe, ginger, garlic and african bird pepper. Speedy Bowel Formula is a stimulating bowel tonic, and is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women, or for those with colitis, crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, or ulcers.

Over the years many people have found these capsules a lifesaver, where nothing else has worked for them. They literally change lives. If you haven’t experienced chronic constipation, it’s extremely unpleasant. Not only does it make you feel fat, tired and sluggish, but you feel as though you’re being ‘poisoned’ because you’re not able to get rid of your wastes.  It’s well documented that sluggish bowels cause bloating, abdominal pain, skin problems, affect our mood, and can cause headaches too.

But, I hear you say, I don’t want my bowels to get ‘addicted’ to taking laxatives, to which I reply: ‘OK then, so what is the alternative when you have a ‘lazy’ bowel.  If you are eating healthy, drinking plenty of fluids, exercising, and controlling your stress levels as best you can, but you still suffer with constipation, WHAT DO YOU DO?  Do you want to walk around, carrying a bag of raw sewage inside you, or do you want to take a small brown capsule, that contains a blend of herbs, that will help you have more regular bowel movements?

£11 for 50 capsules and £20 for 100 capsules available exclusively from Nottingham Health Shop

If you are struggling with your digestive system or bowels in any way, complete the FREE on-line Digestive Health Assessment here: FREE Digestive Health Assessment

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