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Month: March 2014

High dose intravenous Vitamin C kills cancer cells

Linus Pauling’s work vindicated Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Centre have proven that high doses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), when introduced intravenously into the body, can kill cancer cells, even those in the final third and fourth

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Spring has sprung!

The Clocks go forward one hour tomorrow evening and the forecast for the weekend is good The daffodils and snowdrops are coming through, and Spring is in the air.  Thank goodness, after what seems like a long, dull Winter.

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Peanuts and breast cancer

New Study linking daily consumption of peanut butter can reduce benign breast disease by a whopping 68% I hope you are one of the lucky ladies who have made it so far without having come up against this dreadful disease.

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Antibiotics and Probiotics

Should I take a probiotic when taking an antibiotic? There appears to be some confusion about whether or not you should be taking a probiotic when taking an antibiotic. There’s a school of thought that a probiotic should be taken

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Do you have a Fatty Liver?

Is your liver turning into pate? It’s estimated that around 20% of the UK population have fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is when infiltrations of fat have settled in the liver. The liver should have no, or very little fat

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Fibre and Weight Loss

Reducing fibre may cause weight gain When you remove fibre from your food, you gain weight more easily, and here’s why. 

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Acid Reflux, Bloating and Smelly Gas

The connection between antacids, bloating and smelly gas I’ve just had a 43 year old male in the Clinic today, let’s call him Mr. X. He came for a digestive health assessment and colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Symptoms: smelly flatulence and

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