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Is there a link between Heartburn and Cancer?

Heartburn, or Acid Reflux can be very uncomfortable, and also quite dangerous, but what causes it, and what can we do about it?

Heartburn or Acid Reflux is when some of the contents of the stomach, including hydrochloric acid pushes up through the valve at the top of the stomach, up the oesophagus, sometimes as far as the mouth.  First and foremost, if you develop heartburn or reflux, then you  must go to your GP and get checked out, as the symptoms are very similar to a heart attack.

Say Goodbye to Constipation

Speedy Bowel Formula (ICF No 2’s)

Those patients who attend our clinic for colonic irrigation treatment because they suffer with a ‘lazy’ bowel or constipation, will already be very familiar with our Speedy Bowel Formula. For decades now the nutritional medicine, naturopathic, herbal medicine and natural therapy community have known about these highly effective small brown capsules, previously known as Intestinal Corrective Formula No 2. Read more ›

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Nottinghamshire County Show

A weekend for the whole family to enjoy

It’s that time of the year again when the great and good come together for the County Shows.  Our own Nottinghamshire County Show is being held at the usual venue, Newark Showground on the 10 – 11 May. Read more ›

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Test your stomach acid

Many of us have low stomach acid, causing a host of digestive problems

Hydrochloric acid, (HCI) which is produced by parietal cells in the stomach, is necessary for the break down and digestion of many foods, in particular our proteins. Insufficient amounts of HCI can lead to indigestion and a host of other more serious gut problems, including clostridium difficile. Read more ›

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Multivitamin reduces cancer deaths

Multivitamin can save 130,000 cancer deaths a year

Forget the recent bad news that supplements can supposedly do you harm, or even kill you: the truth is that around 130,000 cancer deaths could be avoided each year if every adult started taking a multivitamin, a new review has concluded.  Read more ›

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I feel as though there’s razor blades coming out of my bum!

CONSTIPATION is defined as fewer than three bowel movements per week. We disagree.

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Linda’s Annual ‘IBS Awareness Month’ Rant

Get Results

April is IBS Awareness Month

Are you one of the millions of people in the UK that suffer with the sometimes debilitating symptoms of IBS?

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5 portions of fruit and veg a day? – try 7!

7 pieces of fresh fruit and veg daily, not 5 according to researchers at University College London

A large study a University College London, involving over 65,000 men, women and children, has concluded that we are not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

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High dose intravenous Vitamin C kills cancer cells

Linus Pauling’s work vindicated

Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Centre have proven that high doses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), when introduced intravenously into the body, can kill cancer cells, even those in the final third and fourth stages, without it affecting healthy cells.

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Spring has sprung!

The Clocks go forward one hour tomorrow evening and the forecast for the weekend is good

The daffodils and snowdrops are coming through, and Spring is in the air.  Thank goodness, after what seems like a long, dull Winter.

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